Clogged Drain Cleaning

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Clear Out Build-Up With a Professional Plumber

The Water Heater Guys is here to provide assistance with clogged drain cleaning in Frisco, TX. We know that your drain lines can be backed up with built-up debris over time which can cause a halt in water use. Our experts have the tools and equipment to ensure that your drain lines are properly cleared and taken care of. If you’d like to learn more about how we can clear out your drain lines don’t hesitate to give us a call at 972-597-2489.

Harmful DIY Drain Cleaning Jobs

There are many ways that your drain can become clogged, depending on where your drain is located you may even find different items. With a shower drain, it’s common to have hair and soap scum cause issues, whereas with a kitchen drain you may see food items with other build up. What’s more, clogs can occur anywhere in the drain line. Deeper clogs may require the use of plumber’s snakes and other cases may need more advanced tools. A trained plumber will be able to navigate through any problems and provide you with a clearer line without pipe damage.

Oftentimes, clogs can be DIY cases. Some tricks like hangers and over-the-counter cleaning products are often used in these cases. However, the problem with both is that pipe walls can be scratched or chemically altered. Over-the-counter “drain cleaners” for example are a big culprit in premature pipe wear and breakdowns. The chemicals that are strong enough to break down build-up are also strong enough to disintegrate protective pipe linings. With pipes wearing prematurely you’ll see more clogs and perhaps leaks in the future. In order to maintain the integrity of your pipe materials, a professional plumber with reliable plumbing tools should be counted on for clog fixes.

Plumbing Snakes & Augers

There are certain plumbing tools that may be used when you’re needing to have a clog removed. More often than not a plumber’s snake will be implemented for both close and deeper clogs in your drain lines. A plumbing snake is able to clear clogs beyond the drain trap in places like the branch drain or even the main drain line. If you’re a homeowner you may be able to implement a hand snake. Other tools that can be used to clear a clog are power augers which can be useful in clearing the clogs in main drain lines. In the case of using drain snakes, you’ll have your plumber insert them in either the drain opening in the sink, shower, or bathtub yet another helpful strategy is to use them in other areas as well. You can remove the drain trap for example and snake them through the trap arm and into the branch drain. Keep in mind, there are special types of drain snakes that are designed for specific use like ones used specifically for toilets. A toilet auger as well can work as it’s a long-handed tool with a special sleeve that will rest in the bottom of the toilet bowl to prevent the metal cable from scratching the porcelain of the bowl. Ultimately, there are many different types of tools that can be used to clear clogs in multiple locations of the property.

Items That Can Clog a Drain

  • Hair
  • Soap Scum
  • Grease/Oils
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Stringy Foods
  • Floss

When you require assistance with clogged drain cleaning in Frisco, TX, count on our professionals. We also offer 24/7 assistance with emergency repairs for your convenience.

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