Gas Line Repair and Installation

detail of a residential gas pipe against a red brick wall

Only a Certified Plumber Should Conduct Repairs

The Water Heater Guys provides safe and secure gas line repair in Frisco, TX, and installations. Your gas line is a sensitive system that will require the help of a trained and certified plumber. Only a professional should handle and changes made to this line as the safety and health of occupants are at risk if any issues arise. Call the team at 972-597-2489 today for assistance.


What to do When There Are Signs of a Gas Leak

There are several signs to look out for when your gas line is experiencing a leak. You may see floating vegetation around the leak and may hear a whistling noise as well. A pungent odor of rotten eggs will be heavy as odorants are added by gas companies in order to alert residents when gas leaks are present. Gas on its own is naturally without odor so this is a tell-tale sign that a gas leak is present. Other signs you may see are yellowing or dead vegetation near the gas leak. You may start to feel dizzy and have trouble thinking when you breathe in natural gas. Prolonged exposure is very dangerous and can result in death in certain cases. That’s why when you notice something is wrong with your gas lines and you suspect a leak, all occupants must vacate the premises immediately. Don’t even turn off lights or computers as any use in electronics can risk a spark. Only call emergency services when you’re well away from the property. Once safety has been ensured, you may then call your local plumbers for gas line repairs.

Get the assistance you require with gas line repair in Frisco, TX by calling our team today.

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Our team is here to help you with gas line repair in Frisco, TX and gas line installation. If you require immediate assistance, we’re proud to offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs for those cases where it can’t wait. Our phone lines are open day and night so a trained professional can make it out to your property. Give us a call at 972-597-2489 for immediate assistance.