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The Water Heater Guys is a plumbing contractor in Frisco, TX that has years of experience in the field. We strive to provide our clients with well-rounded plumbing services with reliable results. No matter if your plumbing request or project is big or small, we’ve got you covered with trained and certified plumbers. We have the knowledge and tools to provide you with a durable plumbing system. If you’d like to learn more about how we may be of service to you, contact our friendly staff at 972-597-2489 today. We’re happy to chat with you!

A Plumber You Can Trust

Customer satisfaction is placed at the forefront of all of our services. You can expect clear communications from start to finish with fair pricing on all of our services. No matter if your request is big or small, the same attention to detail and fine craftsmanship will be implemented for all. Before every service, we make sure to conduct an inspection. That way all problem areas are found at their root and a full report can be given as to the condition of your ailing plumbing component. A relevant course of action will be discussed with you so that all can be on the same page as to what is to occur. Expect to have a better performing plumbing system with clearer and more secure connections. Our team of trained and certified plumbers is ready to provide you with the results that you want.

Here at The Water Heater Guys, we’re able to conduct a number of plumbing services for your property from installations, repairs, to replacements. We provide such services as clogged drain cleaning, fixture replacement and repair, garbage disposal services, gas line installation and repair, hose bib replacement, and toilet repair and installation. No matter what component needs to be addressed, our team is able to help. We have the tools and equipment to fit with any plumbing connection. If you’re needing assistance with a particular part our team is here to speak with you. We’re able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding any aspect of your property. Make sure to get an inspection with your plumbing services so that all areas can be taken care of when need be.

When you need a reliable and informative plumbing contractor in Frisco, TX, count on our team to help.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We’re aware that the unexpected can occur when it comes to the plumbing components of your property. Plumbing emergencies can be tough to navigate and become a setback when you’re unable to use your connections. With various connections and fixtures, it can only be a matter of time before something unexpected happens. When they do, it often occurs in the middle of the night or day. For your convenience that’s why we’ve made a point to offer 24/7 assistance with plumbing repairs. When you need fast services, you can expect to have a certified plumber out to your property as soon as possible. We’re a plumbing company that has your best interest in mind. Get back to your daily routine with our help!

How to Navigate Gas Lines

Keep in mind that if you’re experiencing a gas leak or need gas lines adjusted or changed in any way to contact emergency services first before your local plumber. Gas lines are sensitive to handle and can negatively affect the occupants of a given property. With gas leaks, especially, you are risking the health and safety of occupants from exposure to fumes. Prolonged exposure can result in dizziness and feeling of fatigue and can be lethal. If you suspect a gas leak is present, vacate the premises without turning on or off any electrical connections such as lights or even computers. The slightest use in heavy gas leak areas can cause a spark and risk a fire. Leave all doors open as you exit and when you’re a large distance away from the premises, then you may call 911 and get subsequent repairs to gas connections scheduled.

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The Water Heater Guys is the plumbing contractor in Frisco, TX that you’re looking for when needing quality services and results. We strive to provide our clients with long-lasting plumbing systems with improvements made to any issues or new installations. Give us a call now at 972-597-2489 to speak with our knowledgeable staff and receive guidance on the services you may need for your property.