Toilet Repair and Installation

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Get Problems With Your Toilet Fixed With Our Help

Having issues happen with your toilet can be off-putting and put a damper on your day. The Water Heater Guys provides professional assistance with toilet repair in Frisco, TX, and installations. No matter what kind of problem you are facing, our team has the tools and skills to make sure that your toilet is fixed. Speak to our team at 972-597-2489 for further assistance.

Types of Toilet Problems

Your toilet can run into different problems that will require a professional to fix. From leaks and clogs to loose or worn parts the scenarios are endless. Each issue may come about from different causes and will follow with a reaction that may halt toilet use. At times, you may even require emergency plumbing assistance in order to avoid unsanitary conditions for too long. We provide our clients with 24/7 availability in the case where repairs are needed as soon as possible. With these immediate problems and others, it may be necessary to get an inspection so that problems can be traced to their root and speedy solutions can be given. You may be tempted to attempt DIY fixes, yet only with a professional plumber will you have long-lasting repair solutions.

Certain issues that you may find with your toilet are a follows:

  • Toilet Base Leaks
  • Clogs
  • Loose Flush Handle
  • Running Toilet
  • Flush Valve Repair
  • Ballcock Replacement

When you’re in need of toilet repair in Frisco, TX, contact our team of experts today.

Toilet Installation

We’re also happy to assist you with the installation of a new toilet. A newer toilet will ensure smoother operations and stable conditions for years to come. There are many different types of toilet models in the market nowadays from lower threshold toilets, bidets, and more. Speak to our team to see what options may best fit your property needs and specifications. We’re happy to guide you through your options and will make sure there are clear communications throughout the installation and setup process. A new toilet will add a fresh look to your bathroom/bathrooms and the newer materials are sure to be more secure and durable. Speak to our team today to get started.

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Speak to Our Team of Experts

The Water Heater Guys is here to help you when you need toilet repair in Frisco, TX, and installations. We’re ready to address any of your questions or concerns when it comes to your toilet so that you can continue on your day. Avoid the mess of a clogged or leaking toilet by getting repairs as soon as you can with a trained and certified plumber. Speak to our team at 972-597-2489 to get your property handled.