Electric Water Heater Replacement and Installation

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Get Help With Your Electric Water Heater Unit

The Water Heater Guys is a professional plumbing and water heater company that is here to help you through any water heater problems that you may have. With electric sourced systems, there will need to be a trained and certified technician that is familiar with electric connections to handle the job of replacement or installations. You can count on our team to provide you with the help you need when you require electric water heater replacement in Frisco, TX, and installations. Give us a call at 972-597-2489 today for an inspection and to get scheduled.

Lifespan & Problems You May See With Aged Units

The average lifespan of an electric water heater is about 12 years, once you get closer to this threshold you may start to notice strange behaviors. If your electric water heater unit is not producing hot water, for example, you may navigate through it by seeing if the circuit-style safety switch near or on the thermometer can be flipped. You may even have an unplugged or faulty power cord. Other issues like a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker may also be the cause. Electric ignition systems may even have a clogged sensor which can prevent the current from being read properly. Essentially, for these and other electric water heater issues, an inspection should be conducted by a trained technician in order to gauge what type of service would be best for your particular case. Our team has the tools and equipment necessary to make sure that your unit is being properly handled.

Speak to us today abtout an electric water heater replacement in Frisco, TX.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Our team is here to provide you with new installations that are more energy-efficient and cost-friendly. With a newer unit, you can expect better performance and better conservation of energy which will be sure to lower monthly utility bills. Speak with us about the range of options available to you with a new electric water heater unit. We’re a knowledgeable resource that’s here to help you make an informed decision.

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The Water Heater Guys is here to assist you with electric water heater replacement in Frisco, TX, and installation. Call us at 972-597-2489 today.